• Up to date information on our ball program

    REGISTRATION FOR 2017 IS CLOSED. . We'll be open for 2018 in December 2017. We have a whole separate site dedicated to our ball program. Please visit OUR BALL SITE for more information. We don't want to ... More
  • HotDog Day 2015

    What a wrap-up celebration. Lots of fun and festivities and a great end to the season. Thanks again to everyone who helped this year. Have a great - safe - summer ... and keep practising!
  • Wrap up finale for our 2013 season

    Championships have now all been settled with victors as follows:: Senior T-Ball: Data Perceptions Junior 3-Pitch: Tentworks Senior 3-Pitch: Mr K-W Landscaper Congratulations! We celebrated the e... More
  • Our website sponsors

    The financial support of our website sponsors allows us to operate this site for the benefit of all. We thank our sponsors for their support as we continue to grow and expand both our programs and our site's ... More